2018 Bethsaida Season

New Academic Sponsor

Dr Rami Arav, Director of the Bethsaida Excavations Project, has announced that the Hebrew Union College at Jerusalem (HUC) has agreed to sponsor the on-going excavations at et-Tel (Bethsaida).

Dr. David Ilan, the Director of the Nelson Glueck School of Biblical Archaeology in Jerusalem, is excited to sponsor the project at Bethsaida. Along with Dr. David Gurevich and Dr Arav, Dr. Ilan recently toured the Bethsaida excavations for a couple of hours.

The Nelson Glueck School of Biblical Archaeology has been responsible for excavations at Tel Dan since 1966.  Dr Ilan and Dr Gurevich noted the similarities between Bethsaida and Tel Dan.

IAA Licence

Our next step in preparing for a resumption of work in the summer of 2028 is to submit an application for license renewal which is scheduled for this week. We anticipate approval by the Israel Antiquities Authority.


Volunteers and staff for the 20128 season will stay at Kibbutz Gadot Inn,  located about 10 miles north of Bethsaida. We were there in the early 1990’s before we moved to Ginosar. We have reserved twin-share accommodation for two weeks, which will allow us to host 20 people in the expedition. Kibbutz Gadot is a pleasant and peaceful setting. The rooms are beautiful and offer a range of facilities, There is a swimming pool.


The participation fees are $1,990 per person per the period of the two weeks, this fees will cover room and full board, daily round trip transportation to Bethsaida, and excavation expenses.

Register Now

Please prepare to join us for the 2018 season at Bethsaida. Since we have room only for 20 people, we will work on first come first served.

To begin the registration process for the 2018 season, please email Dr Arav directly.

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