Bethsaida 2018 Season

The license for the Bethsaida excavation project has been renewed and, as advised previously, we have a new sponsor for Bethsaida. The Hebrew Union College (HUC) in Jerusalem is our new sponsor.

HUC has a long tradition of biblical archaeology. Nelson Glick, the eminent president of HUC conducted archaeological surveys and excavations in the Middle East during the 1920’s to the 50’s. He was famous for saying that he was the only president of a college riding on a camel.

Dr Avraham Biran, then head of the HUC archaeology, headed the Tel Dan excavations for more than 30 years. Today Dr David Ilan is in that position and we are fortunate enough to have him joining our mission.

We plan a short season this year, June 21  to July 5.

We plan to dig the Stratum VI – 10 century BCE – city gate, the city walls and the Roman temple.

We will be staying in Kibbutz Gadot, (where we started many years ago). Kibbutz Gadot is much improved since we were there so and so many years ago. They have wonderful rooms, all having AC, a little kitchenette for morning and afternoon coffees, a nice swimming pool and on top of all it is a quiet place, no barbequing vacationers feasting to midnight.

The participation fees for this year is $2,995.00 per the entire period of 14 days.

This amount covers double room occupancy, full board, round-trip transportation to the site, and dig expenses.

As you may know, archaeological excavations are an expensive business and it becomes more expensive each year. This amount covers only part of the dig expenses. Your contribution to this season will be greatly appreciated.

Please contact Dr Rami Arav ASAP if you wish to join our dig. He will let you know, how to pay the excavation fees and meet other administrative requirements.


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