Bethsaida Overview

The site, situated on e-Tell and identified with Bethsaida, was founded in the 10th century BCE on a basalt hill extending from the Golan plateau. The size of the city (20 acres), its majestic fortifications, its enormous gate – the largest ever found in southern Levant – and a palace indicates that this site served … More Bethsaida Overview

2018 Season

The 2017 season at Bethsaida has been cancelled due to delays in securing a new academic sponsor following the withdrawal of the University of Nebraska at Omaha from the project. Work is continuing to establish a new “lead institution” for the international consortium and secure a licence for 2018 from the Israel Antiquities Authority. Please … More 2018 Season

Planning for the future

The Bethsaida Excavations Project has been hosted for many years by the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO). As we now move to a more independent phase of our work, stay tuned for news about new administrative arrangements to support our mission of scientific research, education, and public service.