CBEP Constitution

The current (2018) version of the constitution of the Consortium for the Bethsaida Excavations Project is now available online. CBEP Constitution 2018   Institutions considering joining the consortium are encouraged to read the constitution carefully and then contact us about the process for admission.

Bethsaida 2018 Season

The license for the Bethsaida excavation project has been renewed and, as advised previously, we have a new sponsor for Bethsaida. The Hebrew Union College (HUC) in Jerusalem is our new sponsor. HUC has a long tradition of biblical archaeology. Nelson Glick, the eminent president of HUC conducted archaeological surveys and excavations in the Middle … More Bethsaida 2018 Season

2018 Bethsaida Season

New Academic Sponsor Dr Rami Arav, Director of the Bethsaida Excavations Project, has announced that the Hebrew Union College at Jerusalem (HUC) has agreed to sponsor the on-going excavations at et-Tel (Bethsaida). Dr. David Ilan, the Director of the Nelson Glueck School of Biblical Archaeology in Jerusalem, is excited to sponsor the project at Bethsaida. Along … More 2018 Bethsaida Season

Bethsaida Overview

The site, situated on e-Tell and identified with Bethsaida, was founded in the 10th century BCE on a basalt hill extending from the Golan plateau. The size of the city (20 acres), its majestic fortifications, its enormous gate – the largest ever found in southern Levant – and a palace indicates that this site served … More Bethsaida Overview

2018 Season

The 2017 season at Bethsaida has been cancelled due to delays in securing a new academic sponsor following the withdrawal of the University of Nebraska at Omaha from the project. Work is continuing to establish a new “lead institution” for the international consortium and secure a licence for 2018 from the Israel Antiquities Authority. Please … More 2018 Season

Planning for the future

The Bethsaida Excavations Project has been hosted for many years by the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO). As we now move to a more independent phase of our work, stay tuned for news about new administrative arrangements to support our mission of scientific research, education, and public service.