DVD: The secrets​ of Bethsaida


Israeli film-maker, Yuval Hollander, has produced an informative video about the excavations at Bethsaida.

This 52 minute video will be of special interest to staff and volunteers from the dig, as well as the wider community.

The secrets of Bethsaida was filmed in Bethsaida in June 2012 – during the annual expedition with people from 5 different universities coming from all over the world – led by Professor Rami Arav (currently a professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at the University of Nebraska, Omaha).

Together with Prof. Arav the film meets with some of the most important New Testament scholars from Australia, Canada and the USA and tries to understand the mystery around Bethsaida, the secrets that still buried under the mound, and the great discoveries made in the last 25 years since Bethsaida was first excavated.

Together with the beautiful landscapes of the Sea of Galilee, The Golan Heights and the Galilee, The Secrets of Bethsaida is a great experience for the fans of archaeology, geography, history, as well as millions of Christians from all over the world.

Watch the trailer …

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