May 2022 Session

The dates for our May 2022 session at Bethsaida are 15 to 29 May.

We have reserved 5 to 10 rooms at Kibbutz Gadot Country Lodging from May 15 to May 29. Potential participants should contact Rami Arav directly to coordinate rooming list.

All participants are expected to arrive at Kibbutz Gadot Country Lodging on May 15.

There is a bus from the airport to Tel Aviv Central Station and a bus from Tel Aviv to Mahanaim Junction, this is the closest to Gadot. Arrivals by bus should contact Rami Arav and he will pick them up from the junction.

The research focus for its short session will be the Stratum VI courtyard in Area A South, some 25 meters south of the massive Stratum V city gate structure. In earlier excavations, the courtyard of Stratum VI has yielded stunning finds. It was found to be meticulously paved with cobblestones. Abutting the southern tower, we have discovered a high place with an iconic stele depicting the moon god. This is the second image of the moon god that we have discovered. Similar to the first one it will be on display at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

The daily work program for these two weeks is as follows:

6:00 AM leave Gadot for Bethsaida
6:20 AM arrive at the site.
9:30 AM Breakfast at the site.
12:30 PM leave the site back to Gadot.
1:00 PM lunch at Gadot
5:00 PM Pottery and finds analysis
7:00 PM Dinner at Gadot
8:00PM to 9:00 PM presentation by faculty members.

The schedule for the two weeks is:

May 16th – orientation and setting up the dig
May 17th – May 20th work days.
May 21th Saturday, field trips.
May 22th – May  27th work days.
May 28th Saturday Field trip
May 29th final work at Bethsaida.

Accommodation costs in US dollars at Kibbutz Gadot during the May 2022 Bethsaida excavations season are as follows:

Single – $100.62
Double – $128.92
Triple – $163.51
Four – $198.10

These charges cover room and meals, and do not include the personal contributions to shared expenses for transport, dig admin, etc. This is a good discounted rate as the average cost at Gadot during May 2022 is just under $250 a night.

All participants should pay for their accommodation and meals directly to Gadot.

Participants are expected to contribute to the funds of the dig. This will help to cover expenses of the dig including transportation to and from the site. The amount of the contribution is recommended only.

We have set up an account at the UNO Nebraska Foundation to receive the contributions.

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